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Home Insulation Solutions: The Smart Choice for Homeowners

Insulation Solutions: The Smart Choice for Homeowners

Feb 27, 2024

In the current climate of soaring energy costs, price inflation and the ever-present need for sustainable living, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to create energy-efficient homes without breaking the bank. SIG’s online store is the homeowner’s ultimate resource for insulation materials that not only meet but exceed these demands. SIG‘s online store offers a comprehensive range of insulation rolls and slabs that are both high in quality and eligible for SEAI grants, making them an excellent choice for energy upgrade projects.

The SEAI grants for home energy efficiency improvements typically require that the work is completed by a registered SEAI contractor. This is to ensure that the insulation is installed to the highest standards and follows the best practices. The SEAI maintains a list of registered contractors who are eligible to carry out work under the grant schemes. These contractors are required to adhere to the SEAI’s Code of Practice and Technical Standards, which are designed to guarantee the quality of the work.

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Comprehensive Insulation Options for Every Aspect of Your Home

SIG offers an extensive range of insulation products designed to cater to every part of your energy upgrade project. From the foundations to the roof, our insulation solutions ensure that your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, all while reducing energy consumption and costs.

External Wall Insulation

Our External Wall Insulation solutions are perfect for homeowners looking to wrap their homes in a thermal blanket. With options for cavity walls, solid walls, rainscreen systems, timber frames, and metal walls, we have the right product to suit your specific construction type.

Roof & Loft Insulation

The importance of effective Roof & Loft Insulation cannot be overstated. Heat rises, and without proper insulation, it can easily escape. Our loft, pitched roof, flat roof, and inverted roof insulation options ensure that your topmost barrier is secure and energy-efficient.

Floor Insulation

Don’t let the ground draw away valuable heat. Our Floor Insulation products, including solutions for solid floors, suspended floors, and acoustic challenges, provide a solid foundation for your home’s thermal integrity.

Internal Wall Insulation

For interior spaces, our Internal Wall Insulation range offers solutions for party walls and partition walls, helping to maintain comfortable temperatures room-to-room and reduce noise transmission.

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Why Choose SIG for Your Insulation Needs?

Quality and Variety

SIG’s online store is stocked with insulation rolls and slabs from Europe’s leading brands, ensuring that you have access to the highest quality materials. With a variety of thicknesses and materials, you can find the perfect fit for your project’s specific requirements.

Expert Guidance

Our Technical Building Solutions Team is on hand to provide you with U-value calculations, building performance assessments, and architectural plan interpretations. This added service guides you towards a product selection that is high-performing, cost-effective, and regulatory compliant.

Convenience and Accessibility

Shopping for insulation online with SIG means you can quickly check product specifications and datasheets, chat with our Sales Team for advice, and enjoy 2-day delivery anywhere in Ireland at €20.29. For those who prefer to pick up their orders, click and collect is available from our branches.


Upgrading the energy rating of your home is a journey of a thousand decisions, and choosing the right insulation is one of the most critical. With SIG’s online store, homeowners have a partner in creating homes that are comfortable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. Shop our online store today and take the first step towards a better-insulated home.

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