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Pitched Roof Insulation

Our Top Insulation Solutions For Pitched Roofs

Explore our premium selection of pitched roof insulation products, featuring industry leaders such as Knauf and Rockwool, along with innovative options from Unilin (Xtratherm) and YBS. Our range of high-performance insulation solutions from renowned manufacturers guarantees enhanced energy efficiency for your pitched roofs. Whether you prioritise thermal performance, acoustic improvements, or sustainability, our diverse range of innovative insulation products has you covered. Contact us today to find out what insulation is the right fit for your pitched roof project.

Knauf Insulation FrameTherm Roll - Pitched Roof

Knauf Insulation FrameTherm Roll or Slab

High-performance Glass Mineral Wool 32/35/40 roll (ready-cut) or slabs for timber frame pitched roof applications with top-tier thermal efficiency, non-combustible A1 fire classification, and eco-friendly ECOSE Technology.

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Knauf Insulation OmniFit Slab 35 pitched roof insulation

Knauf Insulation OmniFit

OmniFit Roll 34 (Uncut), Roll 40 or Slab 35 is a versatile glass mineral wool for timber frame walls and pitched roofs at rafter level, featuring a thermal conductivity of 0.034 and 0.040 and 0.035 W/mK, excellent acoustics, non-combustible A1 fire rating, and sustainable ECOSE Technology.

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Knauf Insulation Rafter Roll 32 (Uncut)<br />

Knauf Insulation Rafter Roll

Knauf Insulation Rafter Roll 32 (Uncut) is a glass Mineral Wool roll for warm roofs insulated at rafter level, providing exceptional thermal performance, non-combustible A1 fire rating, and sustainable ECOSE Technology.

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Knauf Insulation Rocksilk Flexible Slab<br />

Knauf Insulation Rocksilk Flexible Slabs

Rock mineral wool slabs are available in various sizes and can be used for multiple applications, including ground floors, internal floors, separating floors, fabrication, pitched roofs at rafter level, internal walls/partitions, light steel frame walls, and timber frame walls.

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ROCKWOOL Full Fill Cavity wall insulation Batts

Rockwool Flexi / Roll / Rollbatt / RW Slabs

Rockwool Flexi is a versatile stone wool insulation with a flexible edge, serving as both acoustic and thermal insulation, while Rockwool Roll offers non-combustible thermal and acoustic performance in roof spaces; with Rockwool Rollbatt and Slab Insulation ranges catering to all building types with high-level thermal, acoustic, and fire insulation properties.

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Unilin / Xtratherm pitched roof - warm roof SIG

Unilin / Xratherm Safe-R + Thin-R

Optimising U-Values and minimises intrusion into living space on various roof types (ventilated, hybrid, or warm), mitigating heat loss and enhancing thermal bridging details, particularly in complex Warm Roof constructions, maintaining internal conditions, and curbing thermal stress and condensation risk.

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YBS BreatherQuilt<br />

YBS BreatherQuilt / SuperQuilt / ThermaQuilt

BreatherQuilt (water resistant), SuperQuilt, and ThermaQuilt are versatile, high-performance, Agrément Certified pitched roof insulation solutions, offering a combination of thermal properties, vapour control, and energy transfer management through their innovative designs and materials.

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Kingspan Kooltherm K107 Pitched Roof Board

Kingspan Kooltherm Pitched Roof Board

Kooltherm K107 offers high-performance insulation for pitched roofs, suited for various applications including attic conversions, with easy handling and trimming for efficient installation.

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Kingspan Therma TF70 / TP10 / TW55<br />


Therma TF70 / TP10 / TW55 is a high-performance, fibre-free PIR insulation with a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mK, tailored for versatile applications including pitched warm roofs, solid concrete ground floors, and timber/steel framing systems.

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