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Partition Wall Insulation

View our selection of insulation solutions for partition walls.

From the Knauf OmniFit Roll and slab for excellent acoustic performance to Rockwool DD Slab offering superior thermal conductivity and Unilin Thin-R for versatile composite insulation, our products ensure your spaces are efficient, comfortable, and well-insulated. Contact us to find the right fit for your project.

Knauf Insulation OmniFit Roll 34 (Uncut)

Knauf Insulation OmniFit Roll and slab

Knauf Insulation OmniFit Roll 40 and Slab 35 are versatile glass mineral wool insulation for timber and steel frame construction, featuring excellent thermal conductivity (Roll: 0.040 W/mK, Slab: 0.035 W/mK) and acoustic performance, along with non-combustible Euroclass A1 fire rating, made using ECOSE Technology.

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Knauf Insulation OmniFit Roll 34 (Uncut)

Knauf Insulation Rocksilk Flexible Slab and Building Slabs

Knauf Insulation Rocksilk Flexible Slab and Building Slabs RS45, RS60, RS80, RS100 and RS140 are versatile Rock Mineral Wool solutions suitable for thermal, acoustic, and fire protection applications, featuring non-combustible Euroclass A1 fire rating and eco-friendly ECOSE Technology.

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Knauf Insulation Acoustic Roll<br />

Knauf Insulation Acoustic Roll

A Glass Mineral Wool roll, perfect for internal wall and floor use, providing sound absorption and non-combustible Euroclass A1 fire-rated insulation made with ECOSE® Technology.

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ROCKWOOL Full Fill Cavity wall insulation Batts

Rockwool Flexi and RW Slabs

ROCKWOOL FLEXI is a versatile insulation with a flexible edge for a perfect fit in various applications, offering Euroclass A1 non-combustible safety and superior thermal and acoustic benefits. ROCKWOOL RW is a robust insulation solution suitable for diverse building projects, delivering exceptional acoustic, thermal, and fire performance for partition wall insulation.

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Xtratherm Thin-R XT/TL/MF

Unilin (Xtratherm) Thin-R

Unilin Thin-R: XT/XL and XT/TL/MF are great choices for partition wall insulation. A versatile composite insulated panel featuring Xtratherm PIR insulation core and integral vapour control layer, designed for internal applications. Whether mechanically fixed or bonded, it provides high levels of thermal insulation and drylining, making it the preferred choice for new builds and renovations.

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Isover Acoustic Partition Roll<br />

Isover Acoustic Partition Roll

A glass mineral wool roll that delivers excellent acoustic performance in metal and timber internal stud walls, timber joist separations, and internal floors. It’s designed for effortless installation, with 600mm widths for a smooth fit between stud centres.

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Xtratherm Thin-R XT/TL/MF

YBS Airtech Double and Double Bubble

YBS Airtech Double is an ultra-thin, 4mm reflective aluminium foil insulation ideal for roofs, walls, partition walls, floors, and various applications, offering exceptional thermal performance.YBS Double Bubble is thin, flexible aluminium bubble insulation membrane designed to trap air within its structure and create low emissivity air spaces, enhancing its thermal properties for effective insulation in diverse settings.


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Kingspan Kooltherm K118<br />

Kingspan Kooltherm K118

A high-performance insulated plasterboard ideal for thin wall constructions, offering excellent thermal conductivity at 0.019 W/mK. It combines insulation, drylining, and vapor control in a single board, compatible with various wall types.


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