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Passive Fire Protection

Our Technical Sales team are fire protection specialists offering expert advice for customers installing fire protection materials.

As experts in the distribution of passive fire protection products, we have a comprehensive range to offer compartmentation and barrier to flame spread. Products include fire duct systems, fire collars & wraps, ablative fire barriers, intumescent mastic, fire rated mortar, fire barriers, and cavity barriers.

penetrative seal

Penetrative Seals

Penetrative Seals, Ablative Coated Batts, Fire Collar and Fire Sleeves.

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cavity barrier

Cavity Barrier

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fire rated interiors

Fire Rated Interiors

Fire protective boards are an essential part of the fire safety of a building. They can be used for example to protect structures (steel, concrete, timber and composite), create fire compartmentation and for ducts that control the heat and smoke during a fire.

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steel protection

Steel Protection

Structural steel and cellular sections of a build require the most robust, durable fire resistant insulation to combat the wide variety of site, mixed trade and climatic conditions.

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Accessories such as tape, mastic, screws and fixings for Passive Fire Protection products.

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Technical Building Solutions

Impartial product advice

Our specialist team will provide advice on energy saving construction products and guidance on building regulation compliance.

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