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Inverted Roof Insulation

SIG’s Top Insulation Products for Inverted Roof Insulation.

Explore our range of top-notch insulation solutions, including Kingspan GreenGuard and Thermaroof, and ROCKWOOL HARDROCK. These products offer exceptional compressive strength, making them the ideal choice for inverted roofs. With superior durability and performance, they ensure reliable protection and energy efficiency for your projects.

Kingspan Greenguard Inverted Roof

Kingspan Greenguard

Kingspan GreenGuard GG300, GG500, and GG700 are rigid extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulations with the necessary compressive stress, making them the preferred choice for specialist applications including inverted roofs, basements, and car park decks, as well as heavy-duty commercial, industrial, and cold store flooring.

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Kingspan Thermaroof insualion Inverted Roof

Kingspan Thermaroof

Thermaroof TR26 stands out as a high-performance PIR insulation board with a low thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mK, ensuring optimal energy efficiency for inverted roofs. Its seamless compatibility with various waterproofing and green roof systems, combined with easy handling and installation, makes it an exceptional choice for efficient and reliable inverted roof insulation solutions.

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Rockwool HARDROCK insulation flat roof SIG<br />

Rockwool Hardrock

An excellent choice for inverted roofs, ROCKWOOL HardRock Multi-Fix (DD) offers high-density, non-combustible thermal insulation that enhances acoustic performance and fire resistance, making it a versatile and durable option for noise control and safety in lightweight flat roof systems aswell. Also compatible with various roof coverings.

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