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The Ultimate Guide to Zentia: Industry Leading Ceiling Tiles

Nov 29, 2023

Imagine transforming your space with innovative, high-performance, and customisable ceiling solutions that not only enhance the aesthetics but also improve acoustics and overall functionality. Zentia, an industry leader celebrating its 3rd birthday this November, offers all of this and more in its comprehensive range of ceiling solutions. Since its establishment, Zentia has made significant strides in the industry, making it a trusted name in ceiling solutions. Let’s dive in and discover how Zentia can help you come out on top with your next tiled ceiling project.

Key Takeaways

  • Zentia is an industry leader in ceiling solutions, offering a range of customisable products and services.
  • Their commitment to innovation has resulted in superior-performance products and processes for acoustic design, sustainability, hygiene & environmental impact.
  • Zentia ceilings are widely used across educational & commercial spaces with a product search function & downloadable resources available on their website.

Zentia: A Comprehensive Overview

Zentia is a leading manufacturer of high-performance mineral ceiling tiles, suspended ceiling grids, and floating ceilings, all designed to improve interior acoustics and aesthetics. Their products are a perfect combination of balanced acoustics, striking visual impact, and technical performance, making them a significant sign of quality in the ceiling solutions market.

Zentia offers an extensive array of ceiling solutions, such as Aquabloc, Arena, Aruba, and Aruba dB, constantly adapting to evolving industry trends to provide top-tier products.

History of Zentia

Since its establishment in November 2020, Zentia has grown rapidly to become a recognised industry leader in ceiling solutions. The company’s evolution traces back to the founding of the Armstrong Company by Thomas Armstrong, which eventually expanded to become the world’s leading supplier and a top-ceiling solution provider. This impressive growth can be attributed to their commitment to innovation and quality, which has remained a priority to date.

Zentia, which evolved from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions is acknowledged as the UK’s market leader in comprehensive ceiling solutions by industry experts.

Product Range

Zentia’s broad range of products caters to the construction market, particularly in the field of ceiling tiles and panels. The company’s mineral ceiling tiles, crafted from high-performance construction material, are ideal for labs and clean room environments worldwide, Ireland included. These tiles offer:

  • Excellent cleanability
  • Resistance to disinfectants
  • Sound absorption capabilities
  • Balanced design for optimal performance

aruba ceiling tile workspaceIn addition to their mineral ceiling tiles, Zentia provides several suspended ceiling grid systems, such as:

  • System Z
  • Prelude 35
  • Prelude 24 TLS
  • Prelude 15
  • Prelude 24 Clean Room
  • Prelude 24 Max

These grid systems offer stability and support for the installation of ceiling tiles.

Another significant product from Zentia is their floating ceilings, notable for their array of ingenious solutions including:

  • Curved canopy frames
  • Tile systems
  • Custom designs
  • The Sonify floating ceiling system facilitates the crafting of eye-catching and unique ceiling designs.

Zentia also offers special collections within its product range, designed to cater to various activities and requirements in different spaces.

Innovation and Performance

Zentia’s commitment to innovation and performance is evident in its dedication to delivering high-performance ceiling solutions for the construction market. By constantly investing in research and development, Zentia has introduced notable innovations, such as:

  • The Sonify design system – allowing for greater creative freedom where you can your personal stamp on things and design your own tiled ceiling project
  • Conventional, easy-to-install ceiling grids
  • Floating ceilings

All while improving their products with a complete, resilient paint system in the form of a durable coating, customers can join the noted benefits page.

As a testament to their commitment to superior performance, Zentia manufactures exceptional mineral ceiling tiles, suspended ceiling grids, and floating ceilings. They offer suspended ceiling tiles with features such as antimicrobial properties, washability, water repellency, and high light reflectance. Additionally, Zentia provides acoustical ceiling canopies to reduce sound reverberation in large interiors. Adhering to industry-standard processes, quality outputs, and ISO certifications, Zentia’s products are designed to meet the highest standards, including patient privacy and hygiene standards in healthcare settings.

Customisable Ceiling Solutions with Zentia

One of the key strengths of Zentia’s offerings is its ability to provide customisable ceiling solutions to suit the specific needs of different spaces and applications. Let’s uncover some of the distinctive solutions offered by Zentia:

  • Sonify
  • Ultima (formally known as Prestige)
  • Biobloc (formally known as Bioguard)
  • Aruba (formally known as Dune)
  • Arena (formally known as Diploma)

Sonify Acoustic Ceiling Designs

Zentia’s Sonify provides bespoke acoustic ceiling designs, delivering superior performance within short lead times. By adhering to the tenets of parametric design, Sonify provides high-grade acoustic ceiling solutions with unparalleled accuracy and expediency. Its customisation options include the capability to explore canopy and baffle layouts, as well as the possibility to visualize and export designs as Revit files using Sonify 3D Studio.

Sonify enables architects to create high-performance acoustic ceiling designs that effectively absorb sound, optimizing the acoustic performance of the room. With aesthetically pleasing baffle ceilings, canopy layouts, and baffle layouts, Sonify offers multiple design options for enhancing acoustic performance in various spaces.

Ultima (formally known as Prestige): The Ultimate Upgrade

Zentia’s Ultima range enhances suspended ceilings by incorporating more features and boosting performance. The Prestige upgrade offers:

  • Sound absorption and attenuation
  • Improved sound performance
  • A selection of edge types to reduce shadows
  • The possibility of specifying SL2 planks for corridors.

The Ultima tiles are crafted with eco-friendly materials, incorporating up to 41% recycled content and are likewise recyclable. With an impressive sound attenuation rating of 33dB, Prestige suspended ceiling tiles are a reliable and trusted product.

hospital ceiling tilesBiobloc (formally known as Bioguard)

Biobloc from Zentia offers sustainable and environmentally friendly ceiling solutions that are water repellent, mould and mildew resistant, and can be washed and disinfected regularly for optimal hygiene. These tiles are crafted with eco-friendly materials and have a minimal environmental impact. Ideal for healthcare environments with average to severe risk infection, Biobloc Acoustic features antimicrobial benefits with biocide coating which actively inhibits the growth of bacteria, MRSA and E.coli. Combining enhanced sound absorption of 0.60 (H) aw and light reflectance of 85% for patient’s comfort and well-being. With ISO 5 Clean Room Certification it’s ideal for environments with risk of infection.


Aruba (formally known as Dune)

Aruba, a stylish and functional ceiling solution from Zentia, is designed for modern commercial spaces. The Aruba ceiling solution offers a selection of 35 exciting colours and dimensions of 600mm x 600mm for the ceiling tiles.

Made from a blend of recycled newspapers, starch, and calcite, the Aruba ceiling tiles incorporate up to 44% recycled content and are capable of being recycled.

Arena (formally known as Diploma)

Arena is a high-performance ceiling solution designed for sports facilities and swimming pools. It offers the following benefits:

  • Finely sanded surface for optimal acoustic performance
  • Three different edge details
  • Sound absorption and attenuation
  • Passive resistance to germs
  • Reduces reliance on other systems

The Arena ceiling solution contributes to a healthier and more productive environment for athletes and swimmers by allowing better air circulation.

ceiling tiles schools

Installation and Maintenance Tips

For sustained performance, it’s essential to correctly install and maintain Zentia’s ceiling solutions. Let’s investigate expert advice on the installation process and the maintenance of your Zentia ceiling.

Installation Process

The step-by-step installation process for Zentia ceiling products involves using a string line across the room to determine the location of the first row of Cross Tees, installing the main runners (3600mm) perpendicular to the ceiling joists, installing the Cross Tees, and installing the Zentia ceiling tiles onto the grid. A tape measure, spirit level, tinsnips, pencil, pliers, and a power drill with a masonry or timber drill bit are required tools for the installation of Zentia ceiling tiles.

It is essential to adhere to the installation guide provided by Zentia, utilise the necessary tools, ensure proper room layout prior to commencing the installation, and install perimeter trim and top fixings/hangers accurately. Professional assistance may be necessary for the installation of Zentia products, and it is advised to consult with an expert or an authorised Zentia partner for installation support.

Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance and care are crucial to maximise the lifespan and performance of your Zentia ceiling. Routine inspection, cleaning, and treatment of the ceiling are vital, as is checking for any indications of wear and tear and repairing any damage promptly.

Zentia ceilings can be cleaned using various methods, including a dry cloth, high-pressure water cleaning, and disinfectants, with washing recommended twice a year for optimal performance. To protect the ceiling surface, avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals when cleaning your Zentia ceiling and stick to mild detergents and non-abrasive cleaning tools.

Real-World Applications of Zentia Ceilings

Zentia ceilings have been successfully implemented in a variety of settings, including educational facilities and commercial spaces. Let’s review their usage in these settings and how the product search function, along with downloadable resources, can aid in identifying the ideal Zentia ceiling solution.

Educational Facilities

Zentia ceilings are commonly used in educational facilities, including:

  • Classrooms
  • Lecture theatres
  • Libraries
  • Shared spaces in pre-school nurseries
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Higher education facilities

These ceilings are designed to provide improved learning environments, taking into account aspects such as noise control and durability.

Zentia ceilings contribute to effective zoning in educational facilities, defining different zones such as classrooms, lecture theatres, and quiet study areas. They offer acoustic properties that help reduce noise transfer between zones, creating a more conducive learning environment. Additionally, Zentia ceilings contribute to the overall aesthetics of the facility, enhancing the visual appeal and creating a positive atmosphere for students and staff.

Commercial Spaces

In commercial spaces, Zentia ceilings offer numerous benefits, including:

  • The ability to reflect and direct light
  • Sound absorption
  • Making a design statement
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • A wide range of options for aesthetics and acoustics

Their acoustic properties contribute to healthier and more productive workplace environments, with improved speech intelligibility and overall sound quality.

office ceiling tiles zentia

Product Search Function

To locate the most fitting Zentia ceiling solution, use the product search function on the Zentia website. It allows users to find products by either their code or name. Users may enter a particular product code or name in the search bar to locate the desired product. The ‘Show results with’ option can be employed to filter search results when utilizing the Zentia product search function.

One can even search Zentia products by attributes such as colour, texture, and acoustic properties using their preferred browser.

Downloadable Resources

Zentia provides downloadable resources, including installation guides, datasheets, certifications, and more, related to their ceiling products, which can be found on their website in the ‘Knowledge & Downloads’ section. Zentia’s product catalogues can also be found online on their website.

PDF installation guides and technical datasheets are available for Zentia ceiling products. Zentia also offers a digital tool called the Zentia Acoustic Calculator for ceiling installation, which assists architects and specifiers in verifying ceiling product performance against acoustic standards.


Zentia offers a comprehensive range of innovative, high-performance, and customisable ceiling solutions that cater to the unique needs of various spaces and applications. From educational facilities to commercial spaces, Zentia’s products provide improved acoustics, aesthetics, and functionality. With expert installation and maintenance tips, a helpful product search function, and a wealth of downloadable resources, Zentia empowers you to transform your space and unleash its full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zentia?

Zentia is the UK’s market-leading independent manufacturer of complete ceiling solutions, offering mineral tiles, suspension grids and floating ceiling systems from their two factories in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. With a long history in the building materials industry, they put customers above all else. SIG stock a wide range of Zentia products in their branches located in Belfast, Omagh, Dublin, Limerick and Cork. View our factory visit to Newcastle here:

How do I contact Zentia?

SIG is the largest provider of Zentia products in Ireland. We also have an in-house technical solutions team that can provide free technical advice on your ceiling tile project and advise you of the best solution to suit your needs.

What types of spaces can benefit from Zentia ceiling solutions?

Zentia ceiling solutions are perfect for a wide range of spaces, such as healthcare, educational facilities, commercial properties, sports arenas, and swimming pools. Contact the SIG Interiors team today for expert advice on your next tiling project.

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