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Top-Rated Permavent Roofing Membranes – Ultimate Protection!

Mar 27, 2024

Permavent membraneSIG is delighted to announce our exclusive partnership as the sole distributor of Permavent, providing cost-effective high-performance roofing membranes and tapes that set a new benchmark in construction excellence.

Permavent membranes deliver an additional layer of protection between your roof tiles and internal structure which defends against potential threats such as water leaks, condensation, extreme weather conditions, and fire hazards. All membranes are fully UKCA certified and are rigorously tested to comply with European Harmonised standards.

Apart from guarding your rooftop diligently, Permavent membranes also provide excellent permeability allowing your structure to breathe inaugurating a healthier living/work environment. This article highlights the unparalleled protection Permavent’s membranes bring to your roofing projects, ensuring longevity and quality.

Roofing Membranes

Roofing membranes are an essential component in modern construction, ensuring your building structure has effective and long-lasting water-shedding protection. Permavent membranes are known for their stellar performance, resilience, and product longevity.

Permavent Apex

Let’s start with the Permavent Apex – Permavent APEX is a 3 layer air open and vapour permeable membrane, providing unique condensation control which eliminates the need for low or high-level ventilation. APEX also provides a secondary barrier to water ingress.


  • Air open and vapour permeable membrane
  • 180 g/m2
  • Integrated tape (25% less membrane usage)
  • Use without ventilation
  • Conforms to BS5534:2014+A2:2018
  • BBA certified
  • 3 layers membrane
  • For use on any types of roofing/walling applications
  • UV stable for 3 months
  • An un-taped version is also available
  • Available in 1m x 50 rolls taped; 0.5m x 50m, 1m x 50m and 1.5m x 50m rolls untaped

Permavent Red

Next up is the equally praised heavy-duty vapour-permeable roof membrane, Permavent RED. This type of roof underlay exceptional nail-tear resistance help create an excellent secondary barrier to wind and rain. A superior water-resistance (W1), provides a flexible design solution in pitched roofs and walls; for new-build, commercial or refurbishment projects.


  • Ultra strong breather membrane
  • 160 g/m2
  • Superior tensile strength
  • Superior tear resistance
  • Fully BBA Certified
  • Conforms to BS 5534:2014 +A2:2018
  • 3 layers membrame
  • UV stable for 3 months
  • For use on any types of roofing/walling applications
  • Available in 1m x 50m and 1.5m x 50m rolls

Permavent Graphite

Perfect for new-build or refurbishment-led projects and Ireland-wide application, Permavent GRAPHITE is a high-performance and competitive vapour-permeable membrane, providing confidence when installed in conjunction with budget-sensitive projects.


  • Highly durable
  • 130 g/m2
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Fully BBA Certified
  • Tested to BS5534:2014 +A2:2018 wind loading
  • 3 layers membrane
  • UV stable for 3 months
  • For use on any types of roofing/walling applications
  • Available in 1m x 50m

Whether selecting the Apex, Red or Graphite range from Permavent’s suite of products, rest assured that these industry-leading roofing membranes deliver on their promise of offering ultimate protection with durable and reliable waterproofing solutions.

Vapour Membrane

Vapour membranes are pivotal for enhancing the overall lifespan of your construction project. They serve as a protective layer that negates detrimental effects of moisture, heat flux and air movement on building components. Now let’s delve deeper into an outstanding membrane solution for low-pitched roofs: Permavent DRY+.

Permavent DRY+: Specialised Low Pitch Membrane

Permavent Dry+ is a high-performance vapour permeable membrane, making it ideal for roofing applications, especially at low pitches. It can also be used as a wind barrier for vertical wall construction.

Permavent Dry+ has integrated tapes to make it an airtight membrane and is suitable for all wind zones in Ireland. Permavent DRY+ forms a part of the Permavent Easy Roof System approved installation guidance and is a required component to achieve the 40-Year Easy Roof Guarantee.


  • High-performance vapour permeable membrane
  •  220 g/m2
  • For use in any type of roofing/walling application
  • Tested and certified UV stable for 3 months
  • Usable in all Ireland and Northern Ireland Wind Zones (taped and battened lap)
  • Has integrated tapes suitable in all UK wind zones, does not require an overlap batten
  • Forms part of the Easy Roof System to qualify for the 40 Year Easy Roof Guarantee

Membrane Tapes

Excelling in the world of building applications, membrane tapes are unique undercover heroes that ensure a topping touch of impeccable quality. Encompassing two major types, single-sided and double-sided tapes each have distinct roles to play.

Single-Sided Tape: Permalap

The single-sided tape holds significant stature in practical usage, particularly when it comes to adequately sealing membranes, roof & vapour-insulation foils or paper-based insulation. Working wonders with breather membranes on roofs or walls, you may think of this adhesive wonder as the silent partner weaving together layers of protection for your construction work.

Beyond securing overlaps, these unassuming agents help seal around penetrations such as wall ties or screw fixings.

What makes them even more endearing is their user-friendliness and easy-to-control nature during application compared to some sticky messes we’ve all grappled with!

Double Sided Tape: Permatac

With added versatility due to two sticky sides exclusively designed for intensive bonding purposes, it operates on both exterior and interior levels simultaneously. It’s known primarily for its robust bonding capacity and strong tackiness – creating reliable seals between air and vapour control layers,’ sandwiched’ between other surfaces interjecting resilience into every square inch of your construction project.

Through wall penetrations to roof edges – imagine this trusty tool as the bridge facilitating thorough bonding between surfaces! After all, who knew ensuring watertight sealants could be one tape away?


Is Permavent any good?

Permavent membranes are indeed an excellent choice when it comes to roofing solutions. The brand is known for its high-quality endurance and performance and cost-effectiveness.

Opting for a Permavent membrane gives you access to long-lasting protection against typical Irish weather of wind and rain as well as superior ventilation — all key attributes in preserving the lifespan of your roof.

Do you need a membrane under roofing felt?

Installing a breathable membrane under roofing felt is not just required but also highly recommended for most modern roofing systems. It assures extra waterproofing; thus reducing the chances of water ingress that could appear due to condensation or wind-driven rain.

Always ensure to engage with trusted professionals who can advise according to your specific needs.

How long does waterproof membrane roof last?

Waterproof membranes can often last upwards of two decades, given they’re properly maintained and protected from damaging forces like extreme weather conditions or physical damage.

Synthetic rubber membranes (EPDM) can even reach up to 35-40 years if periodic maintenance checks are conducted diligently. However, this largely depends on factors such as location climate, quality of material used and craftsmanship during installation.

Can you double layer roofing membrane?

While doubling up on roofing membranes may seem like an option for enhanced protection, it usually isn’t necessary nor advisable unless there’s no other alternative available.

SIG advises against unnecessarily adding weight onto roofs which may lead to burdens thus affecting overall structural stability. Instead, opt for high-quality durable membranes like those provided by Permavent. Remember, it’s about quality more than quantity.

What to do when your membrane is damp on all verge edges of house when it rains.

If you notice your membrane becoming damp around the edges during rainfall, this could indicate incorrect installation or failure in waterproofing at the verges.

Water ingress can lead to numerous complications over time such as rotted roof decking and mould growth. It is crucial that prompt action be taken by engaging a trusted roofing professional to rectify the issue thereby prolonging your roof’s lifespan.


Permavent’s range of high-performance roofing membranes and tapes, including the Apex, Red, Graphite, and Dry+ variants, ensures exceptional protection against typical harsh Irish weather conditions and water ingress. These industry-leading products offer superior vapour permeability, tensile strength, tear resistance, and easy installation with integrated tapes, creating a durable and weatherproof roofing system that is BBA certified and suitable for Irish weather conditions.

For those seeking an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and top-quality roofing solution, Permavent stands out as a reliable choice. To explore how Permavent can enhance your roofing projects further, reach out to SIG roofing experts for expert advice and detailed information on these innovative roofing solutions.

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