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SIG’s Online Store Delivers Quality and Value

Feb 26, 2024

SIG Online StoreIn today’s world where the cost of living and building is ever-rising, finding a reliable source for quality construction materials is more crucial than ever. Whether you’re a first-time self-builder dreaming of crafting your own space or a seasoned professional seeking efficient supply solutions, SIG’s online store emerges as your ally in the face of inflation and global economic challenges.

Your One-Stop Online Shop for Building Supplies, Support and Expertise

SIG has just added over 2,000 of our top-selling products to our online store, expanding our offerings to more than 25,000 building products from the world’s most reputable manufacturers. This milestone reflects our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our customers, providing a vast selection of high-quality materials at competitive prices to keep your project on budget and on schedule.

Quick Check Product Specifications and Datasheets

Our online store offers more than online shopping by providing instant access to detailed product specifications and datasheets on each product page. This lets you make informed decisions quickly and confidently, ensuring that each product meets your project’s requirements.


Livechat Support Available

We understand that building projects come with complexities, so we offer livechat support from our in-house Sales Team and further advice when needed from our Technical Building Solutions Team.

Free Technical Advice Available from Technical Solutions Team

Whether you need advice on energy-saving construction products, guidance on building regulation compliance, or assistance with U Value Calculations, Roof Estimations, and Take Offs, our experts are ready to help. We also provide free advice on Passive Fire Protection, Condensation Risk Analysis, and Acoustic Calculations, ensuring you have the knowledge you need for a successful build.

2 Day Delivery Anywhere in Ireland

SIG ensure timely building material delivery, offering a 2-day delivery service for in-stock items across Ireland and Northern Ireland. If you are planning your building project in advance, we allow you to select a delivery date that suits your schedule. Our delivery service is affordably priced at €20.29 for orders under €5,000. Our click-and-collect option is available from our branches in Belfast, Omagh, Dublin, Limerick, and Cork for added convenience.

Building Products For Your Next Self-Build Project

Our extensive product range caters to every building requirement:

  • Insulation Products: Ensure energy efficiency with our External and Internal Wall Insulation, Floor Insulation, and Roof and Loft Insulation.
  • Roofing Products: Discover our Rainwater/Gutter Systems, Low Pitched Roof Solutions, and more, including innovative Solar Roof Tiles.
  • Interior Products: Improve your house interiors with our Insulated Plasterboard, Plasters and Finishing Products, and Drywall Systems.
  • Construction Accessories: Find essential Waterproofing Systems and Concrete Repair solutions to enhance the durability of your build.
  • Facades: Improve the exterior of your home with our External Wall Insulation, Renders, and Building Boards, designed to provide both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.


As the building industry faces challenging times, SIG’s online store stands out as an essential resource for self-builders and professionals in Ireland and Northern Ireland. With our extensive product range, competitive pricing, and expert support, we provide a solid foundation for your building projects. Visit our online store today and discover how we can contribute to the success of your next selfbuild.

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