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Lindab Guttering: A Guide To Your Options

Mar 12, 2024

Whether you’re installing a guttering system on a new build property or replacing an outdated one on an existing property, one question remains the same: Which guttering system is best for the property?

Lindab Guttering Systems provides homeowners with a revolutionary way to drain water away from their properties while adding an aesthetically pleasing dimension to their homes.

If you’re new to this popular construction supplies company, let us help you make the best decision for your business, with a guide to Lindab’s guttering systems and the most suitable one for your needs.

lindab gutter systems

Why is Choosing the Right Gutter System Important?

Whether you’re working on a domestic or commercial building, guttering will play a crucial part in how the property functions. It’s tempting to just choose the cheapest guttering option, but work with poor-quality materials and you might find that a few years down the line, the guttering system isn’t working as it should and needs replacing.

That means poor reviews for your business. Instead, opt for a guttering system with proven longevity that makes the most of high-quality materials for excellent results.

What is Lindab Rainline?

Lindab’s system for roof drainage is one-of-a-kind, with an assembly that couldn’t be simpler and high-quality materials that guarantee durability. Lindab’s products include everything you need to install a comprehensive guttering system to reduce the likelihood of damp, mould, and mildew in a home.

Lindab guttering systems are available in a range of colours and finishes as well as two different materials – steel and aluminium. Both materials come with their benefits and drawbacks (more on that later) but they both work exceptionally well when used in guttering systems in both traditional and contemporary buildings.

When you buy Lindab through a third-party supplier like SIG, you’ll get the same incredible product, but with impartial advice on which system is best for you as well as expert knowledge that can support you with installation.

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The Benefits of Choosing Lindab

If you’re about to undertake a construction project involving guttering, there’s a high likelihood you’ve searched through pages of products before stumbling across Lindab.

So why choose this guttering system as your go-to? What differentiates Lindab from guttering systems on the market, including those at a similar price point?

Let’s explore some of the advantages of choosing Lindab over alternatives.


With Lindab, you’ll get access to a comprehensive system of different dimensions and colours as well as a wide selection of components. This means that whether you’re working on a new build property or a period building, you’ll find a guttering system that fits in with the look.

Choose between meticulously developed colours or paint the drainage any RAL colour you like – the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity with Lindab! Plus, every colour is available in both matte and gloss options. Thanks to the excellent corrosion protection, they won’t lose their colours over the years, either.


Once you’ve installed a Lindab system, the team behind the gutters say it won’t need replacing. Thanks to extraordinary anti-corrosion technology coupled with the use of materials with an excellent lifespan, homeowners will enjoy a serious return on investment with a guttering system that lasts decades.

Easy installation

Every component of the Lindab Rainline system has been specially designed and manufactured to be able to snap into place, giving a perfect fit for unlimited applications. These push-fit and click-lock features save installation time with an error-free result. That’s one way to make sure you meet your deadlines!

Made by professionals for professionals

Lindab guttering systems are made by professionals in the construction industry. What does that mean? Well, the creators of Lindab understand the issues and challenges associated with forms of guttering that make life difficult for construction workers and homeowners alike.

As a result, the team behind this revolutionary product knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to making guttering systems that genuinely work.

Lindab Guttering Options

With Lindab, you’re not restricted to just one option. You can choose from multiple materials and finishes, including two types of galvanised steel and an aluminium option. One of the things that make the Lindab system incredibly unique is the ability to choose different looks, too.

Gutters are traditionally seen as aesthetically unappealing or dull, but Lindab switches this conception on its head with guttering systems available in a range of colours as well as the choice of shiny or matte finishes.

lindab rainwater system components

Aluminium, Steel: Which is Best?

The traditional Lindab guttering system offers a choice between galvanised steel and aluminium. Galvanised steel is known for its strength, weather resistance, and ease of installation. It has minimal expansion, cracking, leaking, or movement compared to other materials, making it a cost-effective option. The steel used in Lindab’s system is coated with 275g of zinc per square meter, providing automatic scratch healing properties.

In addition to steel options, Lindab now provides aluminium guttering systems. Aluminium, like steel, enhances the visual appeal of your property with its clean and timeless look. It boasts rust and corrosion resistance, contributing to its overall durability and longevity.

When considering coastal locations, aluminium emerges as the superior choice over steel due to its exceptional resistance to corrosion in salt-laden environments. Its ability to withstand the harsh coastal conditions makes it a preferred option for homeowners seeking long-term performance and longevity for their guttering systems.

Lindab Guttering & Expert Advice: The Ultimate Combination for Your Next Project

Every good review of your business starts with a good decision from you – namely where you source your materials.

Want to source a Lindab guttering system while also receiving expert advice on the right option for your needs, plus how to install it? We’ve got you covered. We’re SIG, Ireland’s premier distributor of guttering systems such as Lindab. Not only will we work with you to ensure you get the right materials for your needs, but our friendly team also has the experience and expertise to advise you on installation best practices.

To enjoy incredible results, save unnecessary costs, and boost your firm’s reputation, contact us today and find out how we can support your next project.

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