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Certified Green Homes: Home Performance Index Guide

Mar 7, 2024

In the spirit of Paddy’s Day, everything green, including greener homes we wanted to highlight the significance of the Home Performance Index (HPI) certification in Ireland.

The HPI certification tool, developed by the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC), shines as a pot of gold in sustainable residential development achievements.

It encompasses environmental stewardship, cost-effectiveness, healthy living conditions, and socioeconomic factors often overlooked by other tools.

This comprehensive certification system has become integral within the industry. A notable example includes Dublin City Council becoming the first organisation in Ireland to implement the Home Performance Index label on its development and Wicklow County Council’s social housing achieving the highest green home certification, HPI Gold, last November 2023.

With the support of SIG Technical Building Solutions, navigating the path to HPI certification becomes more manageable, with our offering of free and tailored services to secure this prestigious recognition.

What is HPI in Construction?

The HPI certification has been recognised for best practice and transparency by the European Construction Sector Observatory, providing a robust green home label aligned with the EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy and Level(s) framework.

Similar to certifications for commercial developments like LEED and BREEAM, HPI is specifically designed for residential development and aligns with Irish building regulations, EU CEN standards, and international WELL certification for communities.

HPI matters because it encourages builders and developers to create homes that not only use resources responsibly but also possess a sense of community that ultimately enhances residents’ quality of life. In essence, it’s not just about delivering environmentally friendly structures; it involves creating enduring communities where responsible behaviour towards our environment is encouraged.

How is the Home Performance Index calculated?

The Home Performance Index (HPI) is calculated using a comprehensive assessment that evaluates various aspects of a home’s design, construction, and environmental sustainability. The calculation involves using assessment tools provided by the IGBC, including a main assessment spreadsheet and the HPI Technical Manual outlining the system’s development and technical requirements.

The assessment covers environmental, social, economic, quality assurance, and sustainable location aspects to ensure that homes meet the required standards for certification. The certification is independently assessed, and homes are awarded certificates with ratings of HPI, Gold or Silver based on their performance in meeting the specified criteria.

Building to HPI Certification

Navigating the process for achieving HPI certification doesn’t have to be daunting with expert guidance. Trusted partners like SIG Technical Building Solutions offer a comprehensive suite of free and affordable services directly tailored towards securing HPI certification.

BER Assessments

Through their Building Energy Rating (BER) assessments, SIG provides accurate evaluations of your building’s energy performance and CO2 emissions. These assessments significantly contribute towards earning points in Environmental Impact categories under HPI.

U-Value Report (free)

SIG generates free U-value reports that determine how effectively a material insulates, a crucial aspect of sustainable home design.

Condensation Risk Analysis Reports (free)

Another service offered without charges is compiling Condensation Risk Analysis Reports, pinpointing where condensation may build up within your property’s structure.

2D and 3D Thermal Modeling

Utilise 2D and 3D thermal modelling services from SIG to gain deep insights through visual representation of areas that need optimisation for better heat retention.

Acoustic Calculations (free)

Free acoustic calculations services are offered to ensure noise levels within rooms meet acceptable comfort criteria under HPI’s Health and Wellbeing category.

Acoustic Onsite Testing

SIG conducts onsite acoustic testing, verifying if construction details are correctly implemented and ensuring soundproofing solutions achieve desired results.

Air Tightness Testing

SIG’s air tightness testing helps guarantee an airtight seal for your building, minimising air leakage and maintaining consistent, comfortable internal temperatures.

Daylight Reports

Through the compilation of daylight reports, SIG ensures your space gets ample sun exposure – another marker under HPI’s Health and Wellbeing category.

Overheating Analysis

SIG provides overheating analysis that identifies areas inside your dwelling that may get too hot during summer months, offering solutions without impacting overall energy efficiency.

Ultimately, gearing up for HPI certification is much less overwhelming with a knowledgeable ally like SIG Technical Building Solutions offering crucial services to guide you along every step of the way.

Understanding Certifications: Certified, Silver, and Gold with IGBC and HPI

Certifications play a crucial role in recognising and promoting sustainable building practices, with the Irish Green Building Council (IGBC) offering Certified, Silver, and Gold certifications through the Home Performance Index (HPI) scheme. These certifications signify varying levels of sustainability achievements in residential developments, encouraging builders to meet stringent environmental standards while prioritising energy efficiency, occupant health, and overall environmental impact.

By aiming for higher certification levels like Silver and Gold, developers demonstrate their commitment to creating homes that not only meet regulatory requirements but also exceed expectations in terms of sustainability and quality.

Certification is already happening

This concept is not a futuristic idea but a present reality in Ireland. Pioneering energy-conscious practices and modern building standards are being adopted across industries, pushing forth revolutionary change.

Dublin City Council scheme first in Ireland to get Home Performance Index label

The Dublin City Council scheme stands out in the real estate industry, proudly championing efficiency by becoming the first-ever project within Ireland to gain an HPI label. Their success story began with the aim of fostering sustainability while ensuring residential comfortability – an aspiration aligning perfectly with HPI’s principles. Consequently, they sought certification and undertook to design their building projects guided by efficient practices paramount for achieving high ratings under the HPI dashboard.

Gold Certification to Kilbride Court social housing developmentKilbride Court in Bray Awarded Home Performance Index (HPI) Gold Certification

IGBC has granted the prestigious Home Performance Index (HPI) Gold Certification to Kilbride Court social housing development in Bray, Co. Wicklow. This significant achievement marks the first multi-unit development to receive such recognition, showcasing the commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility by Wicklow County Council and COADY Architects.

This milestone underscores the importance of measuring and improving environmental impacts across the entire life cycle of homes, setting a high standard for future sustainable residential developments in Ireland.

Earning the HPI label cemented their commitment to environmental responsibility and forward-thinking development strategies. Simultaneously, it sets a precedent for others in the market, making it clear that adopting sustainable practices isn’t just possible, it’s rewarding!


Emboldened by strides taken by influential players like Dublin City Council, there’s no doubt we can anticipate more Irish schemes earning their own HPI certifications soon. These events mark meaningful progress towards constructing a future where all buildings operate within peak efficiency levels without compromising on home quality or comfortability.

Partnering with SIG Technical Building Solutions provides invaluable assistance in achieving HPI certification, offering a range of services from BER assessments to thermal modeling and acoustic testing. By leveraging SIG’s expertise, builders, developers, and homeowners can streamline their journey towards sustainable construction practices and HPI certification, ensuring homes meet the highest standards of environmental performance and community well-being. Contact SIG today for assistance in HPI certification on your next project.

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