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Company Conference 2022

Mar 2, 2022

SIG Ireland held our first company conference in 2 years in the Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone last week. The key themes were Customer Service, Great People, Specialism, Supplier Partnerships, Digitalisation and Sustainability. The highlights were the release of a new series of videos, which focus on what makes SIG a true specialist in the construction industry and the keynote speaker was Ronan Smyth, Managing Director of ESS Modular one of the leading MMC companies in the UK and Ireland. The conference ended with a trade show with key suppliers.

Speaking afterwards, Kevin Windle, Managing Director, said “It was great to have all our colleagues from the different SIG businesses together again in one room after such a long time. We had a very productive and informative day, with presentations on the great progress we have made as a business in recent years. It was fantastic to hear Ronan speaking about the growth story of ESS and how SIG has played such an important role in their success.”

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