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Car Park Solar Canopies

SIG Ireland introduces innovative solar car park solutions for local authorities, leveraging UK success. Generate clean energy while optimising parking spaces - a win-win for councils and the environment.

SIG Ireland is now offering innovative solar car park solutions to local authorities and councils across Ireland, building on the success of similar projects in the UK. This cutting-edge technology allows organisations to generate clean, renewable energy while maximising the use of existing parking spaces. The following case study from Devon, UK demonstrates the effectiveness and benefits of these solar car park installations.

SIG Building Solutions supplied bespoke solar canopy support structures for a 122 kWp PV system at the Exe Valley Leisure Centre in Tiverton, Devon. The project, completed in partnership with SunGift Solar, involved installing 287 photovoltaic panels across three separate arrays in the leisure centre’s car park.

The solar canopies now shelter 41 parking spaces while generating an impressive 70% of the leisure centre’s annual electricity demand. This installation is particularly beneficial for facilities like leisure centres with swimming pools, which have been significantly impacted by rising energy costs. The project is estimated to save 57.34 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Guy Chilvers, SIG Building Solution’s National Sales Manager for Solar Structures, emphasised the importance of early engagement with clients to leverage the company’s extensive experience in designing solar car parking structures. This approach allows for time and cost savings, as well as the implementation of unique solutions such as the efficient guttering system integrated into the solar structure at Exe Valley.

solar car parkThe project was part of Mid Devon District Council’s long-term decarbonisation strategy, demonstrating how local authorities can effectively reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs through such installations. Councillor David Wulff highlighted the council’s pride in further decarbonising their facilities and progressing towards their 2030 net-zero goal.

SIG Building Solutions offers a range of solar car park structures, including inclined variants, Double Mono structures, and Double Gull Wing structures, all designed to maximise energy output. The company’s expertise extends to bespoke commissions, ensuring that each project is tailored to the specific needs of the client.

With SIG Ireland now offering these solar car park solutions, local authorities and councils across Ireland have the opportunity to implement similar projects. These installations can help reduce energy costs, decrease carbon emissions, and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

For more information on how SIG Ireland can support your organisation’s transition to renewable energy through solar car park installations, please contact our Technical Solutions team. Email or phone at +353 1 623 4541 to learn more about our products and services.

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