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Cambrian Recycled Slate: The Sustainable Roofing Solution

Jan 12, 2024

recycled slateIn the contemporary era of environmentally conscious construction, the quest for sustainable building materials has become more pronounced than ever. Enter recycled natural slate – a roofing material that not only offers durability and versatility but also champions eco-friendliness.

In this article, we will delve into the unique advantages of Cambrian Recycled Slate, exploring its environmental impact, durability, aesthetic appeal, and the intricate recycling process that makes it a standout choice for low-pitched roofs in Ireland.

An Introduction to Cambrian Slate

In 1984, the introduction of Cambrian marked a groundbreaking shift in recycling and intelligent design, earning recognition through the prestigious Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement in 1991.

This innovation not only transformed slate waste into an appealing and durable roofing tile but also demonstrated the possibility of fostering greater responsibility in the realm of roofing.

Cambrian stands out with a range of specially engineered full-system components and fittings, offering precision-engineered performance for seamless installation.

Crafted in Wales, it utilises over 60% recycled natural Ffestiniog slate, salvaging material that would otherwise be discarded. Additionally, Cambrian holds BBA certification (Cert No. 87/1907) and provides a 60-year product guarantee, coupled with a 15-year weather tightness, durability, and design liability guarantee when utilised with a SpecMaster specification.

Three distinctive colours are available, and one pre-weathered option is available, each of which stunningly echoes the variation found in natural slate: Slate Grey, Slate Grey Pre-Weathered and Heather.

The Advantages of Using Recycled Natural Slate

Environmental Impact

Cambrian Recycled Slate stands as a testament to responsible roofing solutions. Crafted from over 60% recycled Welsh slate, it actively contributes to reducing waste while providing a sustainable alternative for roofing needs.

Durability and Longevity

Backed by a robust 60-year guarantee, Cambrian Slate is engineered to withstand the test of time. Its excellent longevity and durability make it a reliable choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Aesthetic Appeal

Maintaining the timeless beauty of natural slate, Cambrian Slate adds an aesthetic charm to roofing projects. Its visually pleasing design complements various architectural styles.

Easy and Quick Installation

Lighter than natural slate and some fibre cement tiles, the interlocking design of Cambrian Slate makes it not only easy to work with but also quick to lay, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

Cambrian’s interlocking design streamlines installation and is classified as air-open to simplify ventilation needs and requires no on-site grading or hole adjustments.

cambrian slate grey

Burgh Island Causeway Cambrian roof tiles 180316


With a lower cost compared to traditional Welsh slate, Cambrian Slate provides homeowners with an economical yet high-quality roofing solution. Lower costs with Cambrian slate at less than 60% of Welsh slate. It’s also 20% cheaper than Spanish slate.

Low Maintenance

Its long lifespan, combined with being lighter and easier to repair, translates to lower total maintenance costs over the years.


With its unique three-point fixing system securing slates even on the most exposed sites. The roof tile is engineered to be suitable for the most exposed areas in Ireland. Cambrian Slate can be installed on pitches as low as 15 degrees, offering flexibility for various roofing projects.

The Recycling Process of Natural Slate

Sourcing and Collection

The journey begins with responsibly rescuing natural Welsh slate from waste, ensuring that the material is sourced sustainably.

Cleaning and Sorting

Thorough cleaning and sorting processes guarantee the quality of the recycled slate, preparing it for the next stage of manufacturing.


Using reclaimed slate, Cambrian employs precision engineering to create a roofing solution that performs well and minimises environmental impact.

Comparing Recycled Natural Slate with Other Roofing Materials


Cambrian Slate outperforms many traditional roofing materials with its lightweight yet durable tile, making it suitable for low-pitched roofs.


With a 60-year guarantee and lower maintenance costs, Cambrian Slate proves to be a durable and cost-effective choice over time.

Environmental Impact

Compared to traditional roofing materials, the recycled content of Cambrian Slate reduces the overall environmental footprint, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Tips For Installing Recycled Natural Slate

Proper Installation Techniques

Learn the best practices for installing Cambrian Recycled Slate, ensuring a smooth and efficient process:

  • Slates must be laid in a broken bond pattern from right to left
  • It is always advised that slates are laid at mid-shunt, although the precise roof details may require slates to be laid more open or closed
  • For rafter pitches below 45º with hips constructed with Cambrian Mitred Hip, Double Slates will be required for raking cuts on every course on both sides of the hip. At pitches greater than this Slate-and-a-Halves should be used
  • For rafter pitches below 25º with all valleys or hips covered in hip tiles, Double Slates will be required for raking cuts on every course on both sides of the valley or hip. At pitches greater than this Slate-and-a-Halves should be used
  • The minimum pitch is based on a maximum rafter length of 10 metres. For rafter lengths greater than this or the presence of roof features such as dormers, roof windows and chimneys, contact BMI Redland Technical Services for adviceFor further information see BMI Cambrian Slate Technical Datasheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Are reclaimed slates any good?

Yes, Cambrian Recycled Slate is an excellent roofing option, combining sustainability with high performance.

Can slate be recycled?

Absolutely, and Cambrian Slate showcases the transformative power of recycling Welsh slate into a durable roofing solution.

What is reclaimed slate?

Reclaimed slate refers to natural slate that has been rescued from waste and repurposed, for example as exemplified by Cambrian’s eco-friendly approach.

Why is Welsh slate so expensive?

Welsh slate is so expensive because it is known as one of the best slates on the market for durability. While traditional Welsh slate can be pricey, Cambrian offers a cost-effective alternative with its recycled slate products, providing similar benefits at a lower cost.

What is the lifespan of recycled natural slate?

Cambrian Slate comes with a robust 60-year guarantee, emphasising its longevity and durability.


In summary, Cambrian Recycled Slate offers a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solution for low-pitched roofs in Ireland. Its environmental consciousness, coupled with durability and performance, positions it as a top choice for those seeking a responsible roofing material. Whether you prioritise environmental consciousness, cost-effectiveness, or durability, Cambrian Slate ticks all the boxes.

Make the smart choice for your roofing needs. Choose Cambrian Slate – where sustainability meets performance. The SIG Technical Solutions team stands ready as a valuable resource for those seeking expert guidance in roofing and construction as well as free estimations and take-offs. We can produce estimations & take off’s of roofing material quantities in compliance with building regulations from drawings provided, for all domestic and commercial projects.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond product provision – we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to address a variety of your queries and concerns. Whether you’re navigating the intricacies of sustainable roofing solutions, exploring the benefits of Cambrian Recycled Slate, or seeking advice on installation techniques, our team is here to assist.

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